Welcome to Derby Famous

Death to the Sharpie! If you play roller derby, you've gotta have your skate number on your arm during a game. Using Sharpies, stinky old socks or tape on your arm to diplay your skate number is soooo passé and it makes referees cranky. Today's roller derby players deserve pro roller derby arm bands to display their skate number to comply with all major rull sets. But playing by the rules does not have to be boring. Design your Derby Famous arm bands how you want them. Choose the arm band color, text color, a text outline color and font. Add a logo or graphics for no additional charge. Skate numbers comply with sizes required by all major roller derby rule sets. Include your skate name or any text you want below the number. Each band is custom made to fit your arm, so they won't slip or roll over. If you dream it up, we can do it!

*Derby Famous ships internationally! 

*To measure your biceps, use a cloth tape and measure to the nearest quarter inch about 2 inches above where your elbow pads end. Measure both arms (because sizes on right and left arms differ on most people)! Bend your arm as if in skater position, but do not flex your bicep. Pull the measuring tape so it's snug but not so tight that it's squeezing your arm (you don't want muffin top!).

*Do you have a neoprene allergy? We offer a neoprene free elastic fabric alternative that will also not slip, slide or roll over on your arm. Just include a message to us with your order that you are allergic to neoprene and we will make your armbands allergy free.